Blog 6- Embracing Your Hair

Hey guys, Welcome back! Today’s final post will be about embracing your body hair. Focusing on those who are and how it makes them feel. And hopefully takes you, the reader, one step closer to doing the same. For starters, it wasn’t easy getting to where we are now. A place where women, are confident […]

Blog 5- Body Shaming

Hey ladies and gents, Welcome back. Today’s topic is on body shaming. I wanted to talk about this because body shaming also effects how women grow their body hair. This is because what others think or say about us, controls how we present ourselves. The thing is, sure men are horrible for denouncing women sometimes, […]

Blog 2- History of Body Hair Removal

Hey Guys, Welcome back. Last time we talked about Feminist and Feminism. I mentioned that women were socially conditioned to look a certain way, thus creating the stigma around body hair. But in the year 2017, women are saying no more! We are finally embracing our body hair– legs, armpits, and all. But how did […]

Blog 1- Welcome Feminist

“Ladies, Tell Em, I Woke Up Like This. We Flawless!” Hi, I’m Claudia and welcome to my blog, Clearing the “Hair.” Ladies… raise your hand if the following has ever happened to you: That one day you decided to be pretty, so you wore a dress and forgot to shave your legs… You wave “Hi” and […]