Hi I’m Claudia, I’m 22, and I attend the University of South Florida.

A few things you should know:

I LOVE spending time with family, especially, my two baby cousins (one is 20 months, and the other is 17 months). They keep me busy. I LOVE Beyonce. She’s my spirit animal. I LOVE writing. For the summer, I’m currently interning at iBoss Advertising in Ybor as a content/social media intern. I LOVE Korean music. My favorite girl group is Girls’ Generation. And lastly, I LOVE not shaving my armpit and leg hair.

This website will be about my journey with you, the readers, on breaking the stigma around body hair in my community. With your help, I’m going to be writing about controversial topics about this subject; breaking it down and finding out the reason why some people have such a hard time seeing hairy women. I also will be showing off women who are empowered by not shaving. I want to not only tell my story, but theirs too.

My main goal is: I want to break the stigma around body hair and convince women in my community that it’s normal to be hairy. That it’s natural and all apart of being human.

xoxo Claudia